Since 1990 MSc. José Koopman has been working in the textile and garment sector. For more than 25 year she managed product development, buying, sourcing and marketing for different companies.

In 2007 Koopman founded Koopman-works. She wanted use her experience to guide other companies to improve their business and shift to sustainable production. Since the start she proved garment production and respect for environment and people can go well together, while being profitable.

José Koopman trains and manages projects focused on sustainable production, product development, export development, strategic (sector) planning and market research. She has a large network all over the world of producers, business support organizations and sector associations. 

Koopman operates from The Netherlands where she is director/owner of Koopman-works. She graduated at the Higher Technical School for textiles and confection HTS, mr Koetsier (nowadays AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute) the Netherlands with a Bachelors degree in textile management. From the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam she graduated with a Masters degree in Culture, Organisation and Management science. After her studies she started to work in the garment sector and organised sourcing and buying from different parts in the world.

José Koopman: "Production, buying and selling, should be profitable otherwise it is difficult for brands to survive and people loose their jobs. But working with reliable suppliers offering the right prices, can go hand in hand with sustainable production. In the garment business you can be successful and profitable without exploiting people and the environment. Manufactures, brands ánd retailers should take their responsibility. They should not wait for laws or customers demanding sustainable products. I show how companies to achieve this in a realistic way”.