End of September 2007 the kledingproductie.startpagina.nl (clothing production web page) has been launched. Set up by José Koopman, founder of Koopman-works; "The information you need when you would like to produce clothing is usually hard to find. The clothing sector is not transparent. I would like to open it up and provide information. Of course I do not give away the production sources of my customers, as that is up to them, but there are enough suppliers available. Openness would help the clothing sector in making the supply chain more sustainable. That's why I set up this web page."
Kledingproductie.startpagina.nl is for clothing and textile buyers. The site provides all the information you need when buying clothing and textiles professionally. It provides information about suppliers who produce in the regular way and suppliers wh can produce in a more sustainable way. In addition to this, you can find additional information about certifications and regulations.