DEQRATO offers exclusive men underwear with unique design. Co-owner Robert Bouwman; "Thank you for all the information and tips and tricks. Please let us know again when you discover new interesting market opportunities."

Mondavin designs jackets for the modern lady who would like to add something to her casual or business outfit. Founder Marina Yusbashian:" During our first meeting I learned that it is possible to start a new brand, as long as you prepare yourserf very well, know what you want and who is your target customer. Again thanks for this usefull consult. "

High-end knitwear for leisure. Luxurious, sophisticated, elegant and playfull. All products are being designed and produced in the Netherlands with respect for men and nature. Owner Miriam Lenarts: "In the past José has helped me very well, and still I ask her brief advice to new developments in my business. "  


EvyAnne is an innovative and sustainable baby and kids brand. Founder Annemarie Federer: "I have checked the notes I made during our meeting regulary. Through our meeting I got in contact with my present supplier. You are an expert and after a meeting with you, it is possible to make the next step in setting up your brand".

Stylish trousers of high quality when you do not feel like wearing a full suit. Maarten Valk, co-founder and owner: "I have learned a lot. The problems seem to be solved for the next production. Thanks again for your advise!" 

Exclusive hand printed scarves with graphic designs.Founder Hannie Steeman: "Thanks to Koopman-works a new brand is launched on the Dutch market. José Koopman motivated us to move forwards. Because of her extensive technical and commercial input we managed to get started. We cannot thank her enough for that. " 

100% silk blouses. Scandinavian basics with Parisian Elegance. Founded in 2013 by Judith Pronk;" With José I had my first serious meeting in this business. She provided me with insights, instructions, and openness of the garment business. Guiding but never imperative. Without José there would be no ANNA VIE. I will always come back with questions, for assistance or cooperation."

Boys clothing label. Founder Els Janssen: "José provides ideas, positive constructive feedback and practical solutions, which were the start of my Mad-Monkeys Collection. Let's play with Mad-Monkeys".

Kids clothing label. Founder and co-owner Hassan Charaf: "You provided us as starters with the necessary advice. We feel the meeting was very informative and pleasant. Meanwhile the first collection of NIMM is ready!"

Feel good underwear for teenagers. Founded by Esther Parisius;" One and a half year ago you provided me with advise on how to set up my own brand. Now I would like to share the lauch of Birdie Rock with you!"




Amator Collection, ladies jackets, founded by Eline Starink; "Koopman-works induced me to set up my own company."

Adonna, swimwear for ladies with a prosthesis, founded by Joke Schenkel; "Adonna is partly also your merit."

Top-itm, kids clothing, founded by Miranda Leutscher; "Thanks again for this inspiring morning."